We know the risks associated with working abroad

The MeeT company was established at the end of 2018. When in 2004 we started our adventure with working outside Poland, when we got acquainted with the stories of our compatriots about dishonest employment agencies; when we received information about the accommodation conditions offered by other companies, we decided to create a company that would be based on the principle of mutual respect.

We have gone from the employee to the employer, hence we know the needs of both. We offer help in organizing transport to work, accommodation, stable work and consulting on organizational and office matters.

We perfectly know how much stress is associated with working abroad, which is why we want to facilitate the entire employment process as much as possible.


  • you are looking for stable employment in the European labour market
  • you are physically fit person
  • you want to improve your professional situation
Current job offers


Certifications are required to practice certain professions, including the VCA certificate. If you do not have one, contact us, and we will help you to get it!


Poland  +48 698 234 726

Netherlands  +31 615 506 644